EOFY with Ms Collins

Corporate Functions & Events

God Save The Queen, Ms Collins Saves the GST!

Save the GST and celebrate more this end of financial year when booking your function with Ms Collins. She sure knows how to tease you and please you.

Set in the heart of the CBD, Ms Collins boasts a captivating space that can house up to 850 guests. Designed by Blackmilk Interiors and inspired by French socialite Ms Collins, the elaborate space evokes glamour and sexiness with the use of bold, opulent colours and bespoke art by street artist, Juan Mcarb.

Ms Collins fuses together an intersection of food, fashion, art and music, bringing an international quality to one of Melbourne’s modern corporate scenes. This space delights both a professional and fashion-forward crowd, draping themselves across VIP booths with captivating splashes of art and grade-A service.

Catering for large crowds cocktail-style, Ms Collins can be utilized as a whole venue or sectioned off into 12 private spaces and rooms. This includes the Dom Perignon Champagne Bar, The Ballroom, Little Ms Collins and more.

Ms Collins celebrates a diverse culinary vision with Pan Asian and Contemporary Australian cuisine, featuring some of Melbourne’s most highly coveted dishes with a twist. Cocktails and drink list have been created by award-winning bar tender, David Debattista.

For more information and enquiries please contact info@mscollins.com.au or call 8614 2222.

Please download Terms & Conditions applicable for Ms Collins’ End Of Financial Year offer, available for a limited time only.